Brooklyn Bounce of the most successful trance & techno groups worldwide!
Brooklyn Bounce has become one of the most influential trance and techno acts over the last 12 years: all in all, they have sold 2.5 million singles and released 8 albums! Their spectacular comeback with “Bass, Beats and Melody” (top 3 and gold status with 330.000 sold CDs) in the year 2000 together with their 4th LP “Restart” were the peak of the career until now. Their latest releases such as the singles “Crazy”, “XIIX” and “Sex, Bass and Rock n’Roll” as well as the album “X-pect the Un-X-pected” caught up with their former success in many countries.
Brooklyn Bounce produces real pure club sound and has been symbolising the german music export together with Scooter for more than 12 years now. Their music is present in nearly every country of the world; they received the german music award “Echo” twice and were nominated two times for the “Comet”; with several gold and platin awards Brooklyn Bounce is without a doubt one of the leading groups of the german techno scene.
The band leader and producer of these “Dance Icons” is DJ Dennis “Bonebraker” Bohn. Dennis has grown up in a family with a musical background and has been playing the drums since he was 5 years old. His Rock Band C.Y.D. (Change Your Dealer) is still in existence today. In his function as Brooklyn Bounce DJ, he represents the more commercial, tough dance sound which comes very close to the pure Brooklyn Bounce Style: strong, martial, deep but nevertheless with a lot of melody. Diverse DJ-Sets in Autralia, Canada, USA and Japan, to name only some of them, show the popularity of his DJ-skills and the unmistakable, trendy sound of Brooklyn Bounce.
René “Diablo” Behrens has performed all live techno shows with his own special style and has done so all over the world. His performances during the music shows “The Dome” and “The top of the Pops” have been very special moments that are still unforgetable. The frontman of the group, Diablo, known for his mystical shows, inspires not only his female fans but also creates with his tough and lashy voice the right atmosphere to send all people ready to party into ecstasy. The techno shows of Brooklyn Bounce which are supported by sexy dancers surely stand for successful and extraordinary shows of their own kind.
The group went also with highspeed into the year 2008 ,the 12th year in the history of the Brooklyn Bounce !The first single of the forth coming album “X—FILES”,“THE THEME RECALL 08” was a huge success in Dance Charts and Clubs at the start of this year ! The next Recall-Single “GET READY TO BOUNCE RECALL 08” should do the same ! With a fantastic remix-package that includes mixes from all genres like Electro,Dance,Trance and Hardstyle should please every crowd around the globe!
GET READY TO BOUNCE in 2008! The Saga continues …

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